Shopping in boutiques, fashion in Lignano

Fashion boutiques, clothing stores and beach accessories in the shopping district right in the heart of Lignano:

In the center of Lignano Sabbiadoro and Lignano Pineta you can find a large range of various shops, especially while strolling through the large pedestrian districts you will feel like you are in shopping paradise. No matter what you are looking for, what your taste might be or how much you would like to spend, in Lignano you will for sure find the right shops for you! Specialized shops such as sports fashion boutiques, clothing stores for casual attire or fancy Italian labels and Italian fashion stores carry the right products you need and have always wanted. When it comes to stores in Lignano, only the sky is the limit! You can buy Italian fashion even on a smaller budget or you can find specialized stores for lingerie and night attire, beach fashion and accessory stores, children's clothing stores or shoe stores carrying Italian brand-name products. Handcrafted jewellery can be found at the local goldsmith or you can buy Italian jewellery design coming out of serial production. Handcrafted art objects made by regional jewellers and artisans will be a great memory of Lignano or make for the perfect gift to bring home to a loved-one. Tourists tend to love souvenir stores and toy stores as well as all kind of articles that can be used for and played with on the beach. Athletes cannot pass by the sports articles stores to get new work-out gear and fashionable items. Almost all shops are open until late at night so that you do not need to feel rushed. After a day on the beach and a fabulous dinner at one of the highly-ranked restaurants, you can enjoy yourself while you relax and shop! Professional sales agents help you to find the right product that will put a smile on your face even when you are back at home.


Boutiques in Lignano Sabbiadoro


Address: Via Centrale, 13
+39 0431 73434

Stilmoda collezioni

Address: Via Udine, 4
+39 0431 71601

Max calzature

Address: Viale Venezia, 66
+39 0431 723170

Sbaiz spazio moda

Address: Viale Venezia, 20
+39 0431 71597

Boutique in Lignano Pineta

Max calzature

Address: Piazza del sole, 7/8
+39 0431 423433

Times calzature moda

Address: Via raggio dell'Ostro, 2
+39 0431 422996

Fashion stores:

Stores in Lignano Sabbiadoro


Address: Viale Venezia, 62
+39 0431 722073

Area 34

Address: Via Tolmezzo, 34
+39 0431 722152


Address: Via Tolmezzo, 17/19
+39 0431 724007


Address: Via Tolmezzo, 18
+39 0431 73830


Address: Viale Venezia, 41
+39 0431 70318


Address: Via Tolmezzo, 26
+39 0431 722124

Nadalini mode

Address: Viale Centrale, 15
+39 0431 71431

Paola prata

Address: Viale Gorizia, 14
+39 0431 70431


Address: Viale Venezia, 10
+39 0431 71536


Address: Via Tolmezzo, 53
+39 0431 73649


Address: Viale Venezia, 131
+39 0431 70147

Times calzature moda

Address: Viale Venezia, 10/c
+39 0431 73569

With boy

Address: Viale Centrale, 4
+39 0431 73667

Stores in Lignano Pineta


Address: Raggio dello Scirocco, 29
+39 0431 427437


Address: Raggio dell'Ostro, 40
+39 0431 428721

Island surf

Address: Corso degli Alisei, 52
+39 0431 422248


Address: Piazza del Sole, 49
+39 0431 428408


Address: Piazza del Mare, 12
+39 0431 422694

Moda spiaggia

Address: Raggio dello Scirocco, 42
+39 0431 423045