View on the historical center with hotel
View on the historical center with hotel

Green spaces, nature and lagoon of Lignano Sabbiadoro

Come and visit the protected nature resorts and the enchanting places near Lignano:

Lignano is located on the eight kilometer long peninsula with its main feature: the golden, sandy beach and is situated between Venice and Trieste, enclosed between the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Lagoon of Marano on the other side. You are welcome to come right here and spend your vacation on this beautiful peninsula in one of the three parts of Lignano: Sabbiadoro, Pineta or Riviera. The southern shore of the peninsula is facing the Adriatic Sea, the water has been awarded with the blue flag – an international recognition certifying its cleanliness. The shallow waters allow for the perfect bathing experience and guarantee a certain degree of safety, especially to the youngest guests. The long, wide beach is the perfect environment for a walk along the shore and to watch the waves roll steadily on land. Sports and leisure activities can be practiced in the immediate surroundings. The lagoon on the northern shore of the peninsula with its islands and swamps is the home of many animal species, especially migratory and local bird species choose this beautiful environment as their habitat. The inland is characterized by its vast pine tree forest and the mediterranean flora and fauna. This area in only sparsely populated and consists mainly of pure natural countryside that allows for a horse or bike ride or a walk that will leave you speechless. The wide river Tagliamento borders the west of the peninsula where it flows steadily into the sea. The stream landscape is characteristic for the vacation destination Lignano. Ernest Hemingway was once fascinated by it; the American author was passionate about this place and traveled there several times. He once described Lignano as "the Florida of Italy". This is also the exact spot where he started writing the novel "Across the river and into the trees".

Natural environment

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Protected natural areas in Lignano and in the surroundings:

Natural places in Lignano

View of the naturalistic area: View of the river Tagliamento

Tagliamento estuary "Le Foci"

The river Tagliamento flows slowly and steadily towards the Adriatic Sea on the western shore of the peninsula. The stream is the border between the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the neighbouring Veneto. The river is navigable a few kilometers upward. Trees and mediterranean brush are the characteristic vegetation of the river banks. The blue water and the green shore dominated by the pine trees can be best admired by boat, by bike or by horse - be careful though: your vacation can be much longer than planned due to the beauty of the nature that anyone is hesitant to leave behind. Fishermen love the Tagliamento because of the diverse species they can get on board and on shore: in the salty water mixed with fresh water perch, gilthead seabream, eel and mullets are usually part of the catch. During the right season, you can collect scion and berries on the river banks and prepare one of the local specialties in your own kitchen.

Park Hemingway in Lignano Pineta

Park Hemingway Lignano

Lignano is embedded in the vast pine tree forest. Throughout the city, this vegetation is still prevalent, especially in the many parks with their green areas that are equipped with banks and walkways. One of the largest and most beautiful and significant parks is the Parco Hemingway in Lignano Pineta. The park is named after the American author Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Lignano for a while and came here many times for a vacation. The territory measures a few hectors; there are bicycle lanes and playgrounds for children with swings and slides, where the little ones can play safely and without any danger, During the summer you can come and enjoy one of many shows in the outdoor theater right in the center while enjoying the wonderful smell of the pine trees. Display boards, photos and written descriptions are testimonials of Ernest Hemingways life and work in Lignano. The most famous fest conducted year after year at Parco Hemingway is the flower festival "Lignano in flower" that usually opens the summer season at the end of April and the beginning of May. Right then the park is visited by many guests who enjoy the many artisan stands, culinary specialties of the region, interesting exhibitions as well as the many flowers and plants that transform the park into a sea of colours.

Places near Lignano

Top view of the Lagoon of Marano

Lagoon of Marano

The lagoon of Marano is situated between the river Tagliamento and the island Porto Buso, its beautiful landscape hosts an extraordinary flora and fauna of great importance. Part of the lagoon area is the peninsula of Lignano and the Barene in the north as well as smaller island such as "Isola delle Conchiglie" and „Isola di S. Andea" that separate it from the sea. There are two nature reserves in the Marano Lagoon: the Riserva delle Foci del Fiume Stella (Reserve of the Mouths of the Stella River) that is only reachable by boat, and the Riserva della Valle Canal Novo (Canal Novo Valley Reserve) that is famous for fish farming; a magnet for visitors is the aquarium. Both nature reserves are known especially for their valuable biodiversity and bird species such as geese, seagulls, swans, herons and terns. The rich fauna with its various kinds of reeds and plants of the leadwort family such as "limonio" make the ideal habitat for various bird species who come here during the months of winter migration or stay here for the course of the year. Very rich is the biodiversity under water. The lagoon is inhabited by shellfish, cuttlefish, squid, octopus, crabs, redfish and ray. Guests can witness this magnificent paradise by taking an organized excursion by boat.

View of the cabins built with straw in Lignano and Marano

Casoni of Lignano, Marano

Characteristic for the lagoon are the so called "casoni", the cabins originally built by fishermen as a little refuge and a place to stay after work or in between fishings but they were also suitable to be lived in entirely. The "casoni" are made of reed bundles that make for the typical form of these strange buildings. They were put together in a way that they would create either a round or a square space in their middle, right at the center of the "casoni" were the fireplaces. Nowadays they are more a tourist attraction than anything else and are used to teach about traditions and life once upon a time in this particular area. Some owners fixed up the cabins so that tourists can spend an unforgettable day there and enjoy a typical seafood meal such as "sarde al saor". An enchanting moment is guaranteed when you taste a glass of regional wine and inhale the pure, salty air blowing from the sea.

View of the cabins built with straw in Lignano and Marano

Shell island (Isola delle Conchiglie) | Martignano

"Island of Martignano" is it's name, but the island is rather known as "Shell Island" or in Italian "Isola delle conchiglie". It is located only a few hundred meters east off the peninsula of Lignano. The rich flora and fauna make the island an ideal place for hiking and waking in the beautiful, uncontaminated nature. The coast facing the open sea is made up of sand that's even more golden than the beach of Lignano. You can either enjoy a bath in the sea, lie in the sun, take a hike and admire rare bird species or collect beautiful shells that were washed up on the shore. This island is also known as the paradise for any kite surfer, because the wonderful breeze is made to be caught by a kite so that surfers fly high into the sky above the water. Shell Island is reachable by boat from Lignano Sabbiadoro in only a few minutes - and then you can enjoy a day and you will for sure remember the adventures of Robinson Crusoe while being on this beautiful island


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