View on the historical center with hotel
View on the historical center with hotel

Lignano sports and fitness, golf, sailing, windsurf and kitesurf schools

Where to spend the day and stay in shape with water sports, fitness, beach tennis, and golf in Lignano:

Sports and fun on the water with a motor boat or a sail boat, fitness on the beach and many more ways to stay in shape and have fun playing sports – all this is possible in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera as well as in the surrounding areas. There are many different surfing schools for children and adults, swimming schools, water gymnastic lessons and boat rentals. Lignano beach is the perfect place for everyone who loves spending time on the water. The large, golden beach and the natural areas right behind it are a perfect location to practice various sports. Beach volleyball, soccer, handball and boccia tournaments take place on the adequate fields right on or near by the beach. If you wish, you can start your day taking a horse ride along the beach and end your day watching the sun set behind the green pine tree forest. Lignano offers various tennis courts, an 18-hole golf course as well as a sports complex, where you can practice track and field, martial arts, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, street hockey, triathlon, pentathlon, fencing, dancing, table tennis and much more. In the lagoon not far from Lignano, you can also practice on the shooting range or take part in a fishing tournament in the sea. Right outside of Lignano golfers can enjoy the beautiful 18-hole golf course, one of the most astonishing ones in the region and only about 5 kilometers away you can speed up on the go-kart racing course, where international races take place on a regular basis, you can choose to bring your own vehicle or rent one right there. If you wish to relax or to get in shape, you can visit one of the fitness clubs and practice spinning there or simply enjoy a thermal massage.

Water sports

Sport and fitness

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List of sport activities in Lignano:

Water sports in Lignano

Lignano offers an eight kilometer long beach which is faced towards south-southwest. The beach , the seashore and the sea itself are especially suitable for all kinds of water sports and activities. There are many initiatives, sports clubs and professional associations; every water sport can be practiced in absolute safety thanks to the safe guard service. The most important of all sports practiced here is sailing, which has a long tradition in Lignano. There is a well equipped sailing school located on the beach. Several clubs are affiliated with the school. Sailing enthusiasts can learn new skills or develop their knowledge even further. They have the option to anchor their own boat, find an optimist dinghy for little sailors or rent a Flying Junior 450-470. The sea, that is usually calm, is the perfect location to learn swimming; it has attracted several swimming schools along the beach with experienced instructors for swim students of all ages. When the winds Bora, Libeccio or Scirocco blow, many windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts meet up here. Some of them come all the way from Austria just to be able to practice their beloved sport. Some beach areas have surfing tracks that are reserved just for the surfers to enjoy their passion. The scenery can then be enjoyed by the other beach guests from the shore.

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Sailing school at the beach in Lignano

Sailing boat, Catamaran

Wind village The only sailing center in the region is the Wind Village, that was established in the year 2008 on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro between beach establishments number 6 and 7. If you love water sports, you will love Wind Village, because you can have fun at the sailing school, rent a sail boat or simply rest here with your own sail boat just a few meters away from the beach. Courses are on the agenda; during the first part you will get the theory down, and during the second part you will actually hit the waves and even end your course with a regatta.

Windsurf school


Sports club WKS Sports club WKS is offered by professional windsurfers who want to teach their students a fun and secure way of windsurfing. You can find the pros by beach establishment number 7 in Lignano Pineta. There is no need to bring your own gear as you can rent quality equipment right here. course or during private lessons. Stefano and the other pros cannot wait to introduce their favourite sport to you.

Wind village Present also Windsurf.

Kitesurf school


Neka - North East Kitesurf Association After having had tremendous success these past seasons, the kite surfers of Lignano, who are organized in the Neka association, want to continue to teach others their favourite sport. The courses take place on the beautiful Sea Shell Island called "Isola delle Conchiglie" just a few hundred meters off the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro students can go kite surfing on their own, however, you can choose yourself when you feel comfortable enough to try this sport on your own.

Parasail and floating tires in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Parasail and Floating tires

In Lignano you also can try Parasail! Discover the thrill of a fascinating view over Lignano by being on a large parachute many meters high by being towed by a motorboat. It is also possible to choose to be towed by the motorboat on the „banana boat“, a mattress or donuts. This activities can be found at the pier „La Pagoda“ in Lignano Pineta or at the beach officies of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Sub school


Misterblu dive & shop Offers diving courses of various levels from beginner to the pro in Lignano Riviera near Marina Uno. At the end of the course the participants will be handed the certificate of the Italian Sports Association ACSI if they choose to become a member and get the assurance.

Schwimming school and pool in Lignano

Swimming pool and Swimming

Olympic size swimming pool Ge.Tur At the new sports complex by Ge.Tur there are even two swimming pools. One is an Olympic size pool that measures 50 x 25 meters; the visitor area hosts more than 400 spectators during competitions. The other swimming pool measures 25 x 12,5 meters and is a training facility for athletes.

Sport and fitness in Lignano

For everyone who loves to be active while on vacation, Lignano is exactly the right location, because there are numerous possibilities to do the kind of sport you feel passionate about; it could be just for leisure time, as a competitive sport or in order to practice whatever activity you like. There is even a sports center, built according to Olympic standards with an indoor pool for swimming, high diving boards, fitness centers with equipment for athletes, track and field courses, fencing pistes, flooring for judo and other martial arts, centers for weight lifting and much more equipment for many other sports. The sports centers were used in the past by athletes who trained for university competitions; even the Jamaican Olympic Team chose the sports centers in Lignano for their training camp. Besides, there is an 18 hole golf course for everyone who feels passionate about golf. Horse lovers can go on a morning horseback ride along the beach or train at the riding stable during the day; numerous lighted tennis courts are waiting for tennis players not only during the day but even late at night for a match. Fitness centers, swimming pools or the sea are perfect locations where sports fans can be trained by professionals. A boccia center and various boccia alleys are the ideal spot for practicing a slower kind of sport.

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Golf club Lignano


The Golf Club Lignano is open throughout the whole year. This 18-hole course (par 72) is about 6,070 meters long. The golf academy associated with the Golf Club offers single lessons as well as group courses conducted by professionals who play in international tournaments.

Tennis course


The Tennis and Minigolf Center Bertelli consists of a beautifully landscaped minigolf course and about five tennis courts. Professional tennis players are happy to give you a lesson. This center in located in Lignano Sabbiadoro right near the restaurant le bocce.

Park of meer Within the beautiful, green pine tree forest in Lignano Pineta right behind the sea you will find the beautiful park called Parco del Mare. This is a park designed for recreation and relax. You can either go for a run and get in shape in this beautiful, natural landscape. –throughout Parco del Mare you will find sculptures by famous Italian and international artists.

Ride with a horse along the beach

Horseback riding

Horseback riding Center Lignano Why not spend a few hours with the most fascinating animals on this planet: horses?! At the horseback riding center "Centro Ippico Lignanese" you can either go for a horse ride or you can practice showjumping. Professionals will guide you.

Work-out training at a gym in Lignano

Gyms club

Kinesis club This new home of the gym "Kinesis Club" is truly amazing. Anyone who loves to work out can continue or start their personal training with up-to-date equipment. Personal trainers guide you and prepare you for your rehabilitation program and show you how to use the "Kinesis Technology" or they practice pilates or yoga with you.

Alcatraz Gym Is the classical, fully equipped gym where you can get in shape using one of the many devices that will shape your body.

Beach volleyball fields

Beach Volley

Tourists can take advantage of the many beach volleyball fields in Lignano. You can gather up your friends or come alone and play with others at the beach establishments number.

Beach soccer fields

Beach Soccer

There are various soccer and beach soccer fields throughout the city and along the beach, nets and other devices protect other guests from the balls. If you want to practice beach soccer, you can come and play at beach establishment number 1 in Lignano Sabbiadoro or at the Beach Arena right by beach establishment number 9, international tournaments take place on this beach soccer field where spectators can watch the game from the tribune. The beach soccer field in Lignano Riviera is situated at beach establishment number 5.

Field for boccia

Boccia field

Communal boccia The so called „Bocciodromo“ is the official boccia field of Lignano. There is lots of parking available right next to this Olympic size training facility where teams train their skills. Other boccia fields are located at the beach establishments 1 bis and 8 of Lignano Sabbiadoro where children and adults can take part in tournaments throughout the season.

Sports field and soccer field in Lignano

Communal Sports Center of Lignano

Sports center and soccer field of the city of Lignano A large sports center with a double volley- and basketball court as well as fields for other sports such as judo, twirling, gymnastics and much more is waiting for athletes in the heart of Lignano. A soccer field with a covered tribune is part of this sports center.

Bella Italia olympic sports facilities for organized events

Sports center Bella Italia

Olympic size sports center The sports center Ge.Tur is equipped with swimming pools and indoor sports arenas for martial arts, gymnastics, fencing, handball, table tennis, soccer, track and field, street hockey and more.


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