View on the historical center with hotel
View on the historical center with hotel

Green spaces, nature and lagoon of Lignano Sabbiadoro

Come and visit the protected nature resorts and the enchanting places near Lignano:

Lignano is located on the eight kilometer long peninsula with its main feature: the golden, sandy beach and is situated between Venice and Trieste, enclosed between the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Lagoon of Marano on the other side. You are welcome to come right here and spend your vacation on this beautiful peninsula in one of the three parts of Lignano: Sabbiadoro, Pineta or Riviera. The southern shore of the peninsula is facing the Adriatic Sea, the water has been awarded with the blue flag – an international recognition certifying its cleanliness. The shallow waters allow for the perfect bathing experience and guarantee a certain degree of safety, especially to the youngest guests. The long, wide beach is the perfect environment for a walk along the shore and to watch the waves roll steadily on land. Sports and leisure activities can be practiced in the immediate surroundings. The lagoon on the northern shore of the peninsula with its islands and swamps is the home of many animal species, especially migratory and local bird species choose this beautiful environment as their habitat. The inland is characterized by its vast pine tree forest and the mediterranean flora and fauna. This area in only sparsely populated and consists mainly of pure natural countryside that allows for a horse or bike ride or a walk that will leave you speechless. The wide river Tagliamento borders the west of the peninsula where it flows steadily into the sea. The stream landscape is characteristic for the vacation destination Lignano. Ernest Hemingway was once fascinated by it; the American author was passionate about this place and traveled there several times. He once described Lignano as "the Florida of Italy". This is also the exact spot where he started writing the novel "Across the river and into the trees".

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Clubs, discos and modern bars in Lignano:

Discos and clubs

Mr.Charlie disco situated in Lignano Riviera

Mr. Charlie disco

The discotheque Mister Charlie in Lignano Riviera is elegant, prestigious and very chic. This night club is different from all the others in Lignano due to its unique fusion cuisine offered at the restaurant "Charlino" and due to its magical retreat under the starlit sky. Glamour is the key to success of this bar. The clientele visiting this modern club is considered sophisticated and demanding. The unique mix of character, comfort and atmosphere make this night club one of the top locations in Lignano – come and experience the fascination of this exclusive night lounge.

Logo Mr. Charlie disco

Address: Via Tagliamento, 2
Ph. +39 335 6899446

Kursaal disco situated in Lignano Riviera

Kursaal Club Disco

One of the best clubs in the region Triveneto surely is the very unique Kursaal Club. Once meeting point of the young tourists from all over the globe the Kursaal Club is now a modern club that is loved by its visitors for its exclusive location right by the Adriatic Sea. The club is divided up into two main halls with large windows facing the sea. Comfortable lounge furniture allows you to relax and observe. An outdoor area with its swimming pool is a perfect place to relax and to enjoy the magical atmosphere by the beach at night. The private beach right behind the Kursaal Club in the scene for Sunday night "Mokambo", the beach party with DJs, dance and drinks taking place between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. every Sunday. This is the perfect moment to dance on the beach and view the sunset by the sea!

Logo Kursaal Club Disco

Address: Lungomare Riccardo Riva, 1
Ph. +39 0431 428729

Drago Club disco disco situated in Lignano Sabbiadoro (City locality)

Drago Club Disco

Drago Club is the perfect place to spend a sociable evening with your friends. Since the 1960s, this club has been one of the most trendy locations of Lignano and is still considered one of the best clubs attracting a young audience that wants to have fun during theme nights and many other events. Barkeepers create delicious drinks for you and your friends. A night filled with laughter is guaranteed at Drago Club.

Logo Drago Club Disco

Address: Viale Centrale, 1
Ph. +39 347 4751379

Disco Italia on Viale Centrale in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Disco Italia

Disco Italia, a typical discotheque, is located right within the heart of the historical city center of Lignano Sabbiadoro. This night club is made for tourists who want to get to know new people and dance throughout the night on one of the two dance floors: one big hall offers surround sound featuring up-to-date summer songs; the other large non-smoking hall is dedicated to lovers of Latin American tunes. This modern club has been renovated recently.

Logo Disco Italia

Address: Viale Centrale, 1
Ph. +39 347 4751379

Beach party and parties at the sea

Beach party Mokambo at the beach by the Kursaal Club


"Il Mokambo" was the first beach party ever held in Lignano and ever since 1997 guests can take part in these unforgettable Sunday nights. Once a week the party starts at 6 p.m. Right on the beach by the Kursaal Club with up-to-date chart music and internationally renown DJs such as "Bob Sinclair", "Fatboy Slim" and many others. The party ends at 0.30 or 1 a.m. Drinks and beer make the party complete and contribute to the perfect ending of your vacation weekend.

Logo Mokambo

Address: Lungomare Riccardo Riva, 1
Ph. +39 0431 428729

Beach party Punta Faro, close to the lighthouse of Lignano

Punta Faro Beach

A novelty is the Beach Party of Lignano Sabbiadoro, with great drinks on the seashore. The Beach Party Punta Faro was named after the location where the famous red lighthouse Punta Faro in Lignano is situated: a great location in a quiet area near the port. Meeting time is on Sundays starting at 7 p.m. until late at night. Famous DJs, a free buffet and a stream of drinks await those guests who would like to spend a night in the company of friends.

Logo Punta Faro Beach

Address: Lungomare Marin, 1
Ph. +39 393 1010968

Bars and trendy locations

Terrazza a Mare bar in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Terrazza a Mare

"Terrazza a Mare" is and has always been the symbol of Lignano Sabbiadoro. This architectural landmark has been renovated and modernized several times throughout the years. In front of Piazza Fontana the Terrazza a Mare is built into the sea and offers a panoramic view onto the peninsula of Lignano. Tourists and locals love the view and come often for a walk, to dine at the large and newly renovated restaurant or have a drink at the bar. Guests can enjoy the stylish atmosphere of the restaurant and of the sun deck or get in shape at the fitness area. Every night the bar turns into a club where party guests can take part in theme nights more than four times a week.

Logo Terrazza a Mare

Address: Lungomare Trieste, 5
Ph. +39 0431 71300

Tango Cafè, night club in Sabbiadoro

Tango Cafè

One of the most modern bars of this vacation city is Tango Café at Piazza Fontana. Theme nights such as the famous "white night" called "blancos" are waiting for the guests every Thursday night. Enjoy drinks, ice cream and cocktails at this stylish café that's more like a club.

Logo Tango Cafè

Address: Via Gorizia, 5
Ph. +39 339 8951245

The bar Tenda Bar in Lignano Pineta

Tenda Bar

Tenda Bar is the perfect place to meet old friends or make new friendships while having a beer or a fancy drink. When the weekend is coming up the Tenda Bar turns into a huge party location right by the beach in Lignano Pineta where hundreds of people from all over the region come to celebrate the summer and listen to tunes mixed by DJ's.

Logo Tenda Bar

Address: Piazza Marcello D'Olivo, 7
Ph. +39 0431 422133


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