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In this section you can find all the special offers that agencies and tourism operators insert directly onto this website; great conditions and discounts are available right here due to the last minute special offers. These last minute deals make sure that you get the vacation you have always dreamed of with discounts you have always desired without sacrificing quality. You will be able to find great prices for various structures no matter how you would like to spend your summer vacation: in a hotel, in an apartment, in an hotel or in a vacation village. Throughout the season the various tourism operators insert current offers here according to the structures' availabilities; without any commissions or broker fees. This is the secret and the advantage of this last minute portal. If you decide to go ahead and book one of these last minute offers you can be sure that – except for the given time period – there will not be any restrictions, thus, you can enjoy your vacation and spend less thanks to these wonderful discounts.

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