02 March 2024

38° Festa delle cape "Clam festival"

Event Food and wine in Lignano Pineta at Piazza Marcello D'Olivo:

Big party on the 2nd and 3rd - 9th and 10th March 2024. This year too, the usual event cannot be missed which inaugurates the long series of events in the seaside resort of Lignano, the "Festa delle Cape" 2024. Given the large turnout of last 2 years, with the new 38th edition, we will try to beat every box office record! We remember that the festival was born way back in 84' from the organization and initiative of some local professional fishermen, after a few years the Association of Lignano APS “Al mare” (Sporting Fishermen's Association) took over. The Cape Festival aims to present and introduce tourists to our typical products from Friuli Venezia Giulia and the neighboring Adriatic Sea. We remind you that all takings and proceeds will be donated to charity, while all local staff come from volunteers. Over the years, local associations such as Agmen, children in emergency, organ transplant center, etc. have been helped.

The historic start of the season party lasts 2 weekends! this year it will start from Saturday 2 March to Sunday 3 and from Saturday 9 to Sunday 10 March 2024, it will take place in Piazza d'Olivo in Lignano Pineta.

The classic dishes that will be on the menu are: Peverasse (Clams), Cappe long (Cannolicchi), Grilled sardines, pan-fried or in saor, squid or cuttlefish; all fish caught in our area.

Listino prezzi Festa delle Cape Lignano


Cash desk and kitchens opening hours:

  • Morning: from 11.00
  • Evening: until 20.30
  • Closing break: from 15.30 to 17.30



Entertainment and concerts:

During the event there will be moments of entertainment with concerts by local groups, and the L. Garzoni band from Lignano Sabbiadoro.


Some useful information:

a small guide to save time and move around the event:

  • 1 Stage | Gazebo pre-number ticket: at 10.45am and 4.30pm on the opening day, collect the pre-number to go to the cash desk. The number plate is collected, at the sole discretion of the organisation, in relation to the pre-numbers taken and the number of people present in the square; all those who have collected the pre-number, with patience, will be able to access the cash register first and then the kitchen for collection. To speed up the flow, together with the pre-number, the paper menu is delivered where it will be possible to select your dishes and chosen drinks.
    (Without the pre-number it will no longer be possible to access the kitchen)
  • 2nd Stage | Central cash desk: at 11:00 and 17:00 on the opening day, here you will see on the screen your pre-number collected previously together with the paper menu, then you can go to the cash register where the receipt for what you requested and paid will be issued; together with the receipt, tickets will be issued for each order and a new number will be issued to access the collection at the kitchen.
    (To get ahead of time, we advise you to decide and mark what to eat on your menu so that you will be quicker at the checkout.)
  • 3 Stage | Kitchen: at 11.30am and 5.30pm on the opening day, here you will see on the video your number present in the tickets for the kitchen, so by presenting the receipt you can collect all the products purchased, with the exception of the clams and the drink which they will be collected in the dedicated gazebos. (This way you won't have to worry about someone walking past you at both the register and the kitchen.)
  • 4th Stage | Bar kiosk: usable by all those in the square; To use it you don't need to queue at the central cash desk, but can be accessed directly.
  • 4th Stage | Clam gazebo: here the portions of clams purchased are collected.
  • 6 Stage | Tasting area: Heated tent or external tables and benches


Important Notice:

  • The local organization reserves the right, in the event of a large influx and large volume of orders, to temporarily suspend the orders by withdrawing the ticket dispenser, if the kitchen is no longer available and fails to satisfy the large number of requests.
  • Between the lunch / dinner break, approximately between the period of closure and reopening, the organization requires the replacement of all oils, the cleaning of the entire kitchen area including grills, plates, pots, and the replenishment of the entire warehouse.


  • Fried squid
  • Long Cape grilled
  • Clams
  • Stewed cuttlefish
  • Salted cod
  • Grilled sardines
  • Sardines in saor
  • Fish lasagna "by the sea"
  • "Fried" golden sardine fillets
  • Cheese
  • French fries
  • Various side dishes
  • Tart (nutella apricot berries)
  • Beer
  • Drinks
  • Wine
  • Waterfall
  • Coffee
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A. P. al Mare Onlus Lignano
Via Palestro 49

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Event details

Type: Food and wine
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Per Tutti

Event date:

02/03/2024 | from 11:00 to about 01:00


Piazza Marcello d'Olivo Piazza Marcello D'Olivo


Lignano Pineta

Events Category:

Food and wine

Other dates:

Starts 02/03/2024 ends 10/03/2024

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